LaRonda Shirley

Real Estate Professional

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About LaRonda Shirley

“Your home is a place to grow, love, and live life in a meaningful way. Let me guide you on the exciting journey of finding your home sweet home!”

LaRonda Shirley has a heart as big as Texas, and you can be sure she’ll take care of you on your home-buying and selling journey. She brings an expertise of the real estate landscape and the personalized experience you deserve.

With LaRonda, you have someone who identifies your specific home needs and will guide you through the entire process. She helps homebuyers and sellers of all stages. Her specialty is helping first-time homebuyers make the big change from renting to buying their special home.

She takes pride in finding you a home to fit your unique lifestyle and wishes, so you can say, “This is the one!”

LaRonda and her husband are the parents of 5 extraordinary children and have 6 grandbabies who they love to spend time with making memories. She’s been a foster and adoptive parent for almost 15 years and knows what it means to be understanding, gracious, and supportive.

LaRonda’s dedication and enthusiasm means you have someone in your corner who’s ready to do what it takes to buy or sell your home.